Narasoma Shop

We have a selection of products you can order and delivered to your room or come to our tea house to view our product selection.

Om Shanti Peace T Shirt
Sanskrit is a language of ancient India and the word SHANTI in Sanskrit means PEACE but the modern symbol of peace in the western world was created for nuclear disarmament. In the world we need to create more peace so we have created both the modern with the ancient.

Our sarongs come with a tie at each end therefore making it very easy for you to wrap and tie. These sarongs are simple, light and easy to tie and come in white, blue, red, purple and yellow colours.

Temple Sash
If you are going to a temple you need to wear a temple sash around the waist as a respectful dress code. We have a simple arrangement of sashes and colours to choose from.

Virgin Coconut Oil
This virgin coconut oil comes from the community working group Cinta Nusantara. Cinta means love and Nusantara is an Indonesian word for the Indonesian archipelago. It is originated from Old Javanese and literally means “archipelago”. This community group is dedicated to create tolerance in religion and peace in Nusantara as well as community solutions for pollution.

This long burning incense is a blend of flowers, barks, herbs, oils, nuts, and spices using no synthetic or endangered plant ingredients. Wrapped in recycled paper, hand made with Fair Trade and Tri Hita Karana principles.

Rudraksha Beads
These Rudraksha beads are created by a Brahmachari (unmarried / young spiritual student) of Ashram Munivara. Rudraksha is a seed that is used as a prayer bead in Hinduism, especially in Shaivism. When they are placed in a string of 108 beads they are used for chanting mantras such as “Om Namah Shiva Ya”.

Bokashi Oil
Bokashi is a famous traditional Balinese healing oil made from a mixture of medicinal plants. Used for insect bites, abrasions, itching and other skin issues as well as for muscle pain. Can also be used as a spice bath oil.

Begone Bug spray
Begone Bug contains the most commonly known ingredient for repelling bugs: citronella. Citronella oil has been used for years in homemade and commercially made insect repellents for its power to keep bugs away naturally.
100% natural ingredients, Gentle and safe for use on children and Protection for the whole family.

Stainless Steel Bottles
We do not supply water bottles in our rooms for the simple reason to reduce plastic bottle usage. Especially in the hotel business they usually supply 2 bottles per day and then you may go out and purchase more bottled water while you are touring or shopping. This increases the use of plastic.

We have a selection of stainless-steel water containers for sale and Water refill stations which are located at our front office, Tea House, Retreat Centre and at each yoga shala.

Reusable straws
Steel or Glass straws which can also be purchased with fabric holders and brush cleaner. You can put in your bag when you need to use it.

Yoga mats and Yoga towel
Yoga mats made from natural fibres such as cork are also available and a selection of yoga towels.

For purchasing our products please contact our front office or come to our tea house to see our product range.