Cultural & Wellness Programs in Ubud

Bhakti Farm

Angga Wisnujati, the founder of Bhakti Farm located in Tampaksiring, Ubud Bali is delighted to share the fruits of his labor and passion for healing with you. The biodynamic farm in harmony with the rhythm of nature and the stars, cultivates a sense of connection within us and Mother Earth.

Learn about permaculture and medicinal plants to improve your health and wellbeing on this highly practical Wellness program with Angga Wisnujati, a happy farmer & herbal enthusiast. You will discover a deep connection with Mother Earth, using all your senses to forage and identify plants around the grounds of Tampaksiring. Experience permaculture, a way of living in harmony with nature. Share a morning with Angga, learning how to use Balinese traditional medicinal ways to heal the body and mind through the use of organic herbs and holistic treatments.


Usada Bali in Ubud offers visitors cultural experiences from Bali as well as the rest of Indonesia, and even Asia at large. While the word Usada refers to the age-old medicinal knowledge of the Balinese, we also draw from different branches of holistic health: well-being of the mind, body and spirit, nourishment through food, tradition and culture.The Usada Forum, our studio, provides a diversity of journeys to the inner world. Here, you will find a thriving and stimulating space for cultural events and seminars, and for the community to come together and learn movement-related and meditative practices.

On the ground floor our restaurant, Dapur Usada, offers healthy and delicious food inspired by the culinary traditions of Indonesia and India.

Usada Bali/June-cultural Newsletter

 Jl. Sugriwa No.4, Br. Padang Tegal, Ubud, Indonesia, Bali