Retreat Centre Guidelines



Narasoma Retreat Centre welcomes all respectful guests who take responsibility for the energy that each person brings into this space.

Please take a few moments to acquaint yourself with these guidelines. Following these guidelines will help staff and other retreat centre guests. If you have questions or problems, please contact the group facilitator or retreat centre manager now.
Stay here and live with Good Speech, Good Action and Good Thoughts.

Facilities and Grounds

Please do not take retreat centre furniture, bedding or linens out of the rooms.

Use of grounds – the shared areas of the property are available for use by everyone. If any retreat centre property is missing or damaged, the person(s) or group will be responsible for paying for the damage. The Operations Manager will determine the cost based on materials and labor to repair or replace. Please turn off fans/air conditioning and lights when you are not in your room.

Lock valuables in your room. While we have never had a problem with theft from rooms, we are not responsible for lost or stolen property.

Roof Top Yoga: Please take off your shoes or sandals. The yoga shala can be used by all retreat centre guests.

Sanctified Meditation Cave: Before entering the cave stop at the entrance, ask permission to enter and ring the bell. Bring your own incense if required. 

Workshop Space: This workshop space is used by all individuals staying at the retreat centre or for group activities.

Kitchen Rules:

Retreat Kitchen: 

  • We hope you will be honest and not take other people’s food supplies. If you have had your food supplies taken by others, please speak to our front office staff.
  • The kitchen must be cleaned by guests after each use.


Tea House (Breakfast): The Tea House is open from 7am – 10:30am daily for juices and other beverages. Breakfast is served between 7am – 11am at the Tea House or by the poolside.

Use of telephone: All phones in the rooms are for intercom use only. We expect that you will use personal mobiles as necessary or come to the front office.

Reception Hours: Reception desk hours are between 8:30am – 5pm / Mon-Sat – Dial 0. The office is located on the south end of Narasoma. Outside reception hours: contact general staff on duty or dial 0.

Computer Access: Wi-Fi is available in the retreat centre, tea house, pool side and in the workshop space. For best Wi Fi signal – tea house and pool side areas.

Yoga Mats & Cushions: Yoga mats and meditation cushions are supplied please return these items in their original storage place after use.


Quiet Hours: Quiet hours are 11:00 p.m. to 8:00 a.m. Please be considerate of other retreat participants. (Group Retreats – scheduled activity may create some noise).

Shoes: We don’t wear shoes on the yoga floor area or in the workshop space (only socks, bare feet or soft slippers are permitted in theses spaces). Please do not wear flip flops (thongs) or rubber soled sandals.

Smoking, Drugs, Alcohol: Drinking alcohol and smoking is discouraged and is allowed only at the Poolside breakfast area. Use of drugs and/or excessive drinking of alcohol on Centre property is cause for immediate expulsion and loss of any payments and security deposits. 

Care: Please ensure that all Retreat Centre building and facilities are left in good order with furniture returned to original places.

Health and Safety

Insurance: You are not insured for any of the activities you may decide to do in or outside the Centre. Please make arrangements for your own health and travel insurance.

First Aid: Individuals and groups must be prepared to handle all minor injuries. Injuries must be reported to Narasoma Front Desk. Problems that cannot be handled in the group/individual must be reported immediately to Narasoma Front Desk.

Lost & Found: Please be responsible for taking all your belongings with you when you leave. If contacted we will attempt to locate your missing item(s) and return it to you. We do not take any responsibility for lost items.

Lock valuables in your room: While we have never had a problem with theft from rooms, we are not responsible for lost or stolen property.

Everything valuable to you should go in the safty box!


Bed Linen and Towels: To minimise impact on the environment, bed linen and towels will only be changed upon request. An ironing board and iron is stored in a cupboard under the staircase.

Water & Power Conservation: It would be greatly appreciated if our guests could be mindful of their use of these resources and remember to turn lights, air-con and fans off when not in use. Also report any water leaks to management. Please let us know if the hot water for the shower runs out.

Recycle: We request that you help preserve the environment by recycling. We have a separate Recycle Bin.

Find something broken or have a suggestion on how something could be improved?

Let us know if you see something broken so that we can either repair or replace it.