3 Day Cultural & Wellness Retreat

What you will learn & do!

Narasoma Homestay & Retreat in collaboration with a dedicated team of Indonesian locals will be your guides for the Wellness 3 Day Retreat.

Local Guides:

Angga Wisnujati, the founder of Bhakti Farm located in Tampaksiring, Ubud Bali is delighted to share the fruits of his labor and passion for healing with you. The biodynamic farm in harmony with the rhythm of nature and the stars, cultivates a sense of connection within us and Mother Earth.

Learn about permaculture and medicinal plants to improve your health and wellbeing on this highly practical Wellness program with Angga Wisnujati, a happy farmer & herbal enthusiast. You will discover a deep connection with Mother Earth, using all your senses to forage and identify plants around the grounds of Tampaksiring. Experience permaculture, a way of living in harmony with nature. Share a morning with Angga, learning how to use Balinese traditional medicinal ways to heal the body and mind through the use of organic herbs and holistic treatments.

Ari Aditya is the co-founder of bhakti farm & your cultural tour guide. You will experience wonder when you take a Pilgrimage (Tirtayatra) journey to sacred centres imbued with symbolic, deep Hindu messages. Ari will share knowledge of ancient practices along with manifestations that are still a part of daily Balinese lifestyles today. Experience the local way to pray and perform the water purification ritual called Melukat. Trek through the places dedicated to the kings from centuries past, of ancient legends and long-lost tales of forgotten Balinese Royals.

Be inspired to embark on a journey to improve your wellbeing by incorporating Yoga practices into your life. Every morning we will do a Surya Namaskar yoga asana practice with our selection of local yogis. Surya Namaskar is a powerful way to open up your body and mind. The practice improves health and well-being in numerous ways and over time brings one to peace. Health is wealth!

Retreat information

Price: 3,500.000 Rp per person

What’s included:
1. 3 nights’ accommodation
2. Linen & towels
3. Breakfast & Lunch
4. Daily yoga practice
5. Yoga mats
6. Day Trips

What’s not included:
1. Airport transfers
2. Dinner (many local options within walking distance)
3. Temple wear (these can be purchased separately at Narasoma)
4. Massage treatments


  • Travel and health insurance
  • Indonesian Rupiah for spending and trips
  • Seek medical advice and make decisions on travel inoculations
  • Check your visa requirements for Indonesia (most will need six months on passport)

This price is based on per person retreat cost for 3 nights covering accommodation in a private room, some meals and retreat program.