Soma and Yoga Practices

The real Soma is a secretion in the brain from spiritual practices of Yoga, pranayama, mantra and meditation (nectar or elixir of life lubricating the nervous system).

Soma at a yogic level refers to the flow of energy to the crown chakra, which is opened by Indra (yogic insight) and releases a flood of bliss throughout the body. The nectar created when the amrita from the bottom come up to Sushumna Nadis and connect to the brain (crown chakra) which creates a joyful mind.  Inner Soma !

Amrita A sanskrit word meaning "nectar of immortality". The substance that gives the immortal life and purifies the human body in preparation for realization of the Immortal Body. Also called Soma.

In the Vedas

Rigveda 1.91.22
“O Soma, You alone create the medicines that heal us. You alone create  the water that quenches our thirst. You alone create all moving objects,  sense organs and living beings and also give us this life. You have  provided expanse to this universe and you alone enlighten the world to  eradicate darkness.”

Rigveda 9.24.7
"Soma is not only pure in itself but also purifies everything else. Soma  is extremely sweet and promotes noble qualities. It destroys negative  tendencies"

Rigveda 9.37.36
O Soma, purify us from everywhere. Enter us with excitement and strengthen our speech. Inculcate a sharp intellect within us.

Rigveda 9.108.3
O Soma, You purify everything. You are the best source of enlightenment. You lead us towards immortality.

The above verses refers to something intellectual and spiritual.

'He who swallows the Soma Rasa, dripping from the brain into the  heart, and obtained by means of Yoga; becomes free from all  diseases, tender like the stalk of a lotus and will live very long.' Yoga meaning: The unity of oneself through all forms of Yoga.

Nara means Human but also Eternal spirit pervading the universe
Who is holding that power that energy in life!

This means that here at Narasoma through the eternal spirit energy we can support and raise the energy and create an opening for the world. Supporting the knowledge to help the people.