We have many kirtan and performance events that have already been held here at Narasoma. These have been organized by Retreat groups which have chosen Narasoma for the venue to hold their retreat programs. Our facilities are able to host music events and performances that support culture, spiritual or yoga activities

Ubud is the Yoga mecca for foreigners but there is a growing local Balinese spiritual community and local yoga teachers who are coming forward to teach their own people as well as teach foreigners. Your support for this homegrown development is needed but at the same time we support each other in yoga and spiritual growth.  

We give you and your group the opportunity to feel what the spiritual local community has to offer. We would like to share a beautiful relationship with Balinese spiritual people and groups.

From one heart to another !
Local Ubud kirtan group
This group based in Ubud called CHAMUNDI SVARA has already launched albums
Please contact info@ashrammunivara for details on music events hire.

If you would like them to perform for your retreat group please contact us and we will connect you to them and help arrange the event.

Wayang Kulit 'Puppet Shadow performance' and Kirtan held on the roof top yoga space at Narasoma Retreat Centre

Posted by Narasoma Retreat on Saturday, 22 February 2014