Deep Tissue Masssage
Relieve muscular tension and joint distress. Enjoy a deep tissue massage after a yoga class to increase flexibility & relax muscle tension.   
  60 Min 90 Min
Balinese Massage:
Pure relaxation and winding down! Combined with acupressure, aromatherapy and traditional Balinese techniques.
  60 Min 90 Min
Therapy Healing Massage with Sudiana:
Deep tissue therapy massage with healing and intuitive touch. Given by Sudiana by appointment only. Limited Time & Bookings
     75 Min
Salt Foot Bath & Foot Massage:   30 Min 60 Min
Back, Neck & Shoulders: 30 Min 45 Min 60 Min
Foot Reflexology:   30 Min 60 Min
Sacred Sound Healing: Tibetan bowls
For reduction of stress & Energy Balance  
    40 Min

Sweet Almond:

Red rice & white powder, Usada base, cocoa powder, cardamom, almond powder. Good for renewing the skin and removing dead skin.

Red rice powder, cinnamon, volcanic rock, pumice stone and Bali coffee.
Good for removing dead skin & anti-septic. Followed by carrot conditioning.

Red & white rice powder, ginger, nutmeg, cloves, coriander, galangal.
Good for flu, muscle tension and creating warmth on your body. Followed by an application of cucumber conditioner.

Fresh coconut and coconut milk. Soothes dry and sunburnt skin. Followed by an application of cucumber conditioner.

Gentle Touch (Salt Scrub):
Sea salt, Balinese rice, Usada oil, sandalwood, jasmine, frangipani, natural aroma (flowers). Good for removing dead skin, anti-septic, improves cellulite, aging  & Skin glow.
Salt scrubs are great for exfoliation. This scrub is not recommended for sensitive and sunburnt skin.

Sacred Clay:
White clay. Helps stimulate circulation while gently cleansing and exfoliating the skin. Natural mineral boost and anti-aging treatment.

Balinese Scrub 90 Min
Deep Tissue Scrub 90 Min

• Balinese Massage / choice of scrub / pure natural facial 2Hr 30 Min
• Deep Tissue / choice of scrub / foot reflexology 2Hr 15 Min
• Back, Neck & Shoulders / salt foot bath & massage 1Hr 30 Min
Pure Nature Facial:
Traditional organic products that feed your skin. Includes massage face,
neck, shoulders and hands.
60 Min
Pedicure & Manicure: Revlon colour range
Pedi (without nail polish)
Mani (without nail polish)

Pedi (with nail polish)
Mani (with nail polish)

45 Min
45 Min

60 Min
60 Min